As it turns out, Miss Anita and Little Marian (Celeste’s mom and my mom, respectively) give us Santa Claus’s each year. It’s a tradition that usually leads to a Christmas Eve bickering session at my house, regarding who MawMaw loves more. Apparently her love directly correlates to who has the most Santa’s. Anyway, Celeste and I thought we’d share a few of our favorite Santa’s, and ornaments, a few decorating inspirations from C’s weekend in San Fransisco and, the last photo, a cautionary tale about NOT buying a Christmas stocking for your child when animal prints are a fad. You’ll be stuck with it forever. Or, at least, until all the feathers fall out…

Three Christmas questions!

Favorite Christmas tradition
Celeste: Christmas Eve Mass with the entire family.
Sara: Opening ONE gift on Christmas Eve after the whole fam arrives, jigsaw puzzles and the aforementioned bickering.

Favorite Food at Christmas:
Celeste: My Italian mother makes homemade gnocchi just like her mom made.  A delicious Italian pasta with meat sauce. Yummy!
Sara: Christmas Eve crab legs and shrimp (cooked by my dad) and chocolate gravy and biscuits for breakfast Christmas morning.

Favorite Christmas song/songs:
Celeste: I really cannot pick one; I love so many, but love the twist that crooners like Harry Connick or Michael Buble put on traditional tunes.
Sara: Billy Squire’s “Christmas is the Time”, Band Aid’s “Do They Know it’s Christmas Time,” (The original. No apologies. I’m a product of the 80’s. I love that song), David Bowie and Bing Crosby’s “Little Drummer Boy” and TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY Aretha Franklin’s “Angels We Have Heard on High.”