We’re at the beginning of a new rodeo season, and it’s the time folks start thinking about updating their promotional materials; autograph sheets, banners, sponsorship packets, and brochures tend to be the most popular items among the rodeo athletes we work with.

If you’ve been thinking about your own promotional pieces, here are some points/tips that we always relay to athletes when we start working together:

• Have you located what images you want to use? If we’re going to create something that will be online, low resolution (72 dpi) images will do. If we’re going to create something that will be printed, you’ll need to run down high resolution (300 dpi), preferably large format, versions of the images you want.

• Wherever you are getting your images from, make sure you have permission from the photographer to use the images. It’s not cool to download someones photos/work without permission and, too, the images obtained online won’t be a high enough resolution for print. Don’t do it.

• If you have some idea of the direction you’d like to go with the “look” of your materials, pass it along. Favorite colors? Do you have a really great idea that you’d like to express? Accomplishments you’d like to highlight? These are some things to consider and write down so you don’t forget to mention them.

• Do you have sponsors and you’d like to include their logos on your materials? Again, high resolutions files are best. Vector format is preferable, if they have it. Send those files along with your other images.

And that’s it! Pretty simple, really. We enjoy creating pieces for our rodeo friends and we want to give you materials that you are proud of. The items in this list will help us do just that.

Questions? Call us. We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂