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We work for a growing list of clients in the rodeo, stock show and agricultural industries. We are dedicated to great design and great customer service.

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Traditions, Travels and a Cautionary Tale…a CS Connections Christmas

As it turns out, Miss Anita and Little Marian (Celeste's mom and my mom, respectively) give us Santa Claus's each year. It's a tradition that usually leads to a Christmas Eve bickering session at my house, regarding who MawMaw loves more. Apparently her love directly...
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A Lesson in Self-Appreciation from the Madonna Inn

I recently got to visit one of my most favorite spots on the Central Coast of California... the unique and enchanting Madonna Inn. I love the Madonna Inn because everything is over-the-top, flamboyant, quirky, and eclectic; not to mention pink. The Madonna Inn is a...
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Four Questions – Royce McPhee Bayha, American Jr. Red Angus Assoc. Director

This past week I ventured to Reno, Nevada for the Jr. Red Angus Association meeting. They had asked me to come to the Biggest Little City and share my thoughts with the members hoping to empower and excite them to be their best. I love doing that sort of thing so,...
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